So I got this table from a friend in exchange for a few small jobs. It was being used as a patio table but had some pretty good wear on it. The wood was still in decent shape but the metal frame and chairs were not salvageable. The wood is cherry and stained a dark red color also there is a heavy sheet of metal under the wood. I’m guessing it’s for strength and support. I’m not sure if I’ll keep the metal or not. There’s also a glass top.

I’ve kicked around a few ideas from a wall clock to a poker/game table but I recently found a need for a coffee table. So much of what we have is square or rectangular. Something different would be nice. Plus we have a 3 month old baby so anything without sharp corners is appreciated :).

To start the build I sanded down the cherry. I was able to hit it pretty aggressively since it’s such a hard wood. I got the old stain off and smoothed out joints and edges. It looks and feels better already!

Next, I started in on the design element. I really like combining a well finished wood (cherry in this piece) with a rough, unfinished, interesting piece. I had plenty of scrap pallet wood to use so I started ripping it down. First I got a straight usable edge then ripped down 3 inch widths. I could just join them together but I think I will do something more interesting.

I decided to go with a mix of pallet wood and some old oak fence boards I got from a rancher. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The blend of colors and textures is exactly what I was hoping for.