Project Description

This was a fun project.  It was a donation item I decided to make for my daughter’s preschool.  I started off with scrap wood from a countertop I made a while back.  These are pre-fabricated to look like butcher block.  I then took raw Michigan black walnut from a slab I bought on ebay and cut strips to be used to join the butcher block and finish the edges.  I used dowels glued into the butcher block and through the black walnut to join all three pieces together and give the joint strength.  I then used the same method to glue the walnut to the edge of the butcher block to give it strength and style.  Then it was a lot of sanding and finishing up with a butcher block finish that is safe for food prep.

All in all it was a good project that resulted in a bidding war at the silent auction.  It ended up selling for about twice as much as I thought it would and the buyer was so happy to have it.