Project Description

This thing is heavy duty!  It took a while to design it.  Here’s a few things I had to consider in the design process:

  • It had to be strong enough to attach to the 2×4 studs in the wall without ripping out from the weight of the TV
  • I knew it had to be big!  This is a 65″ tv.
  • I wanted it to be inset.  I wanted it to look like the tv was inside the frame
  • I needed it to be finished looking with picture frame details
  • I wanted it to match the room with fun exciting colors.

I started off with 3/4″ plywood for the back of the frame.  I figured it would be tough enough to hold the weight of the TV after being screwed to the studs.  I then cut the mitered frame from 2×6 material and used a combination of the table saw and router to give it a finished frame look.  Once it was all attached I primed and painted it.  This is a milk paint type of finish so It looks smooth and covers edges nicely.  It will also hold up to some abuse.  I drilled holes for the TV and attached it.  Then I had the unfortunate job of hanging it in place on location.  It was heavy but mounted nicely.  All in all it was a fun project.  I was happy with how fun it made the room look.